General Kinesio Taping Instructions:


Skin Preparation

-Clean skin so it is free from oils

-Shave if there is excess hair. Clippers work best


-Rub the tape after application to activate the adhesive without rubbing against ends

-Apply the tape 30 minutes or more prior to activity to maximize adherence

-Do NOT put any tension on ends of the tape


-Do NOT rip off tape like a bandaid

-Fully saturate tape with soap and water, or baby oil/coconut oil/pam to ease removal

-Gently pull skin away from tape. Have someone help you if you can’t reach with two hands

Other- Precautions

-Do not blow dry tape unless you really want it to stick

-Remove immediately if itching, burning or increased pain occurs

-Typical application lasts 3-5 days. Do not leave on for more than 7 days

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