General reasons for Kinesiotaping:

  • Scar tissue remodeling post surgical intervention

  • Decrease both acute and chronic swelling, edema and bruising

  • Facilitate optimal muscle length-tension (lengthen or inhibit spastic or cramped muscles, shorten or facilitate weak muscles)

  • Decrease myofascial adhesions

Common Conditions

  • Muscle strains and tears

  • Knee: patellar tracking, swelling, ACL, MCL, meniscus

  • Foot: plantar fasciitis, arch support, bunions

  • Elbow: Golfer's elbow, Tennis Elbow

  • Shoulder: stabilize joint, rotator cuff tears, facilitate improved scapular-humeral movement

  • Inhibit tight/short muscles to improve strength: calves, pectoralis, upper trap

  • Facilitate/activate lengthened muscles to improve strength: paraspinals, rhomboids, scapular stabilizers

  • Prenatal Care: Decrease swelling of feet and ankles, decrease low back pain

  • Postpartum Care: Diminish appearance of cesarean scarring, facilitate healing at incision site, diastasis recti

  • Scar tissue remodeling to diminish appearance of scars and strengthen tissue

  • Lymphedema Care

  • TMJ