Sphere Therapeutix


New to the San Francisco Bay Area, Sphere Therapeutix is a bodywork therapy that reduces pain and myofascial tension in the body, utilizing pressure and traction with spheres, neuromuscular techniques and stretching. 

How do you know if Sphere Therapeutix is right for you?
•    Are you an athlete?
•    Sitting at a desk all day or have a long commute?
•    Recovering from an injury?
•    Have small children you’re lifting and carrying?
•    Or maybe you’re simply hoping to reduce daily pain and learn effective methods of self-care?

If so, Sphere Therapeutix might be just what you’re looking for!
Whether you’re dealing with pain in your upper body, lower body, back, or extremities, Sphere Therapeutix is an over-clothes bodywork therapy that uses pressure and traction techniques to reduce pain and myofascial tension in the body.

For Every Body


Daily activity, whether sitting at a desk, going to the gym, or carrying groceries, wears your body over time.  Combined with poor posture and  incorrect lifting techniques, the effects of gravity and age lead to adhesions in the connective tissue between muscles and joints, causing pain and restricted movement. Acute or chronic injuries can also add to back, neck, shoulder and knee pain, limiting your ability to enjoy regular activities. Sphere Therapeutix techniques are a safe and non-invasive way to help reduce those adhesions, creating space in the body so everything moves as it should. This reduces pain, so you can return to previous physical ability or achieve new goals, living life to the fullest.  

For the Athlete

Keeping your body functioning at optimal performance is not merely a matter of convenience, but a top priority in achieving and surpassing your athletic goals. Sphere Therapeutix helps strengthen and increase muscle flexibility and improve joint mobility, to prevent and reduce injury to your body. Whether fitness is your passion or you simply enjoy recreational sports, proper muscle alignment will have your body functioning at its best. Finding proper techniques to improve muscle recruitment and stabilize muscles will allow you to enjoy your athletic pursuits, not only now, but for years to come. Sphere Therapeutics techniques are designed to help you compete at your best, even if the person in the mirror is your only challenger. 

For Healthcare Providers


Caring for others can often result in injuries to healthcare providers. Sphere Therapeutix was originally designed to help healthcare professionals learn techniques for self-care. In addition, it  provides rehabilitative therapy to reduce the occurrence of repetitive stress injuries, bulging disks, neck and shoulder tension, and joint pain. Taking care of yourself should be a top priority as you work to help others become healthy. 


Air Filled Sphere (single) and T-Spheres (pair) available for purchase:

See Katy for details